U.S. Air Force Monopoly

SKU: LCB076930417089
    • Factory sealed 
    • Gift quality
    • Box has minor shelf wear
    • Contents: game board, title deed cards, play money, banker's tray, 16 commander's call cards, 16 airman's legacy cares, 32 air expeditionary squadrons, 12 air expeditionary wings, rules, six collectible pewter tokens and two dice
    • For 2-6 players
    • Ages 8+


    You've been appointed a Joint Force Air Component Commander and must assemble your assets to deploy and fight the enemy. As you accumulate Aerospace Expeditionary Squadrons and Wings, remember the words of the Air Force Chief of Staff, "Victory belongs to those who can most quickly collect intelligence, communicate information and bring capabilities to bear against targets around the globe." 

    The heart of your combat capability is the development of your airmen. Integrate your operations and maximize your combat capability by owning the means to deploy, sustain, employ, and re-deploy your Total Force team of active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Air Force civilians. Remember, the goal is complete air and space dominance. 


    This special edition has been flight-tested to ensure it passes even the toughest evaluator. Hold commander's calls, reflect on the bravery of historical Air Force figures, and admire the newest technologies.