The Office Trivia Game (First Edition)

SKU: LCB021853041231
    • Factory Sealed
    • Box has minor shelf wear
    • Gift quality
    • Contents: game board, 438 game cards with 698 questions, "Support the Rabid" wrist band, Dunder Mifflin answer pad, 16 character movers, six "That's what she said" tokens, seven mover stands, 36 Dundie tokens, two dice, label sheet, rules
    • 2-6 players
    • Adult Players
    • Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 2"


    Move from cubicle to cubicle, answering questions about all of the crew, collecting Dundie tokens along the way.

    Throughout the game, Michael Scott shows up unexpectedly to slow you down. Most cards feature two levels of questions so fans of all levels can play together.