Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit

SKU: 076930409268
  • Factory Sealed. Box has minor shelf wear.

    • Contents: Gameboard, 300 question and answer cards in storage box, one die, four pewter pawns, 30 scoring wedges, one goldtone ring, one plastic Ringwraith, and instructions
    • For two to four players or teams
    • Produced by Hasbro in 2003
    • Item: 40926


    In this Trivial Pursuit Collector's Edition, see how much you can recall about the Fellowship and their quest through Middle-earth. How much do you remember from Frodo and Sam's perilous travels to Rivendell, the battles of Moria, the Battle of Helm's Deep, or Frodo's travels to Mount Doom? 


    Also includes:


    • Expanded rules
    • Fully decorated gameboard reflecting a map of Middle-earth
    • Frodo, Galadriel, Gandalf and Aragorn pawns
    • Specially designed topics include Good, Evil, Things, Places and History, and Warfare and Making Movies

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