America Monopoly Special Edition

SKU: LCB076930407981
    • Factory Sealed
    • Gift quality
    • Box has minor shelf wear
    • Contents: game board, 28 American History deed cards, Monopoly money and banker's tray, six American-themed movers, 16 Amercian people cards, 16 American places cards, 90 American challenge cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, dice, four alternate corner squares, instructions
    • Ages 8+
    • 2-6 players
    • Produced by Hasbro in 2002
    • Item: 40798
    • Box dimensions: 15.75" x 10.5" x 2.5"


    You can own pieces of American culture and history; learn about American people and places; and move around the board using tokens that are as American as apple pie. Enjoy classic play or experience a new variation with our Corner Squares Gaes. Answer American Challenge questions and you may get a property for free! This is an American road trip you don't want to miss!